Hand-Eye Supply Retail Interior

How do we design and build a retail experience that embodies Hand-Eye Supply’s ethos of self-education and engagement with creativity?


Client: Hand-Eye Supply

Completion Date: 2014

Location: Portland, Oregon

Project Size: 2000 sq ft


Created by: Laurence Sarrazin

Environment Design Team: Laurence Sarrazin, Eric Ludlum, Yanira Cardenas, Stephen Hill

Visualization: Ben Carstensen

Parametric Designer: Jonah Ross

Feasibility Study: Ecoreal, Kate Miller, Ken Klos

Fabrication: R&H Construction, Joshua Dugi, Stephen Hill, James Woodhead, Steve Neal, Fortunato Ramirez, Hand-Eye Supply Team, PSU Architecture Student Volunteers

Graphic Identity: Factory North

Graphic Design: Hand-Eye Supply Team

Photography: Christine Taylor, Josh Partee

Thank You: Portland Development Commission, PSU Architecture Student Volunteers